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Maine Nature News

Important Notice
The Maine Legislature has banned the bringing of firewood into Maine.
(Sec. 1. 12 MRSA § 8307)
    Also the practice of transporting firewood for a distance of more than 50 miles from home, even within the state is discouraged.
This is due to the threat of invasive insects that are transported in the firewood.
     Out of respect for the landowner and the north woods, we no longer allow firewood to be brought into camp in order to protect the forest from invasive insects.
     We do have firewood for sale at the office. For more information please click on the link.

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More Fishing at Frost Pond Camps.....
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Fishing on Frost Pond...

Perseverance is not necessarily always required to catch some nice fish here in the pond! This young lady was at most, 7 minutes boating these two fish! (She had a fantastic guide too!)

There are times out on the pond that no matter what you toss in to them, they will bite! (Of course fishing being fishing, there is the occasional day that just the opposite is true as well) For the most part, if you have some cold water gear, you will catch fish.

These fish are pretty smart, and for the folks who bring their bass gear, they will most likely be disappointed in the results. It does not take fancy gear to catch fish here, but they do know the difference between bass lures and trout lures.

West Branch of the Penobscot River...

Many folks come to fish the West Branch of the Penobscot River for the Salmon. This river produces some excellent fishing opportunities from shore, and even donning waders in a few places. The river is fast and cold, so use caution when fishing there. There are a number of locations that people tend to go to on the river and have been going for years. There are stretches of the river that get hardly any fishing pressure, and if you like to explore you can find places to fish were you most likely will not see another fishermen. There are fly-fishing only sections on the river and there are sections which have artificial lures with a single hook regulations as well. You will want to check your law book before going out to fish the river, but most of the river does not allow the use of any bait.

Other Fishing opportunities...

There are a number of small ponds and larger lakes to fish nearby.  Harrington Lake, Ripogenus Lake, and Chesuncook Lake are the largest nearby, but we do have folks that make  day trips to Chamberlain Lake as well.

These larger lakes do merit the use of a larger boat as the wind can and does come up on them from time to time.  For a safe and comfortable trip out on these lakes, bring your larger boat.  Trolling for salmon is a favorite for many, especially when the ice first goes out of those lakes that hold a population of them. 

There are many small ponds, most that you have to walk in to in order to fish.  If you are comfortable using a compass and carrying your gear you may wish to spend some time exploring some of these smaller ponds.  Float tubes are a handy item if you are walking in to one of these places as most do not have shore line fishing access due to the overhanging trees.

Brooks and streams...

There are many small brooks to fish and some larger streams as well.  Most of them involve walking through the brush and not a beaten path.  Every single brook that I know of has a population of wild brood trout.  I have caught them in the smallest trickle of water all around the area.  Some of them I have to wonder how a fish could live in there, but sure enough, if you sneak up to the edge you can usually catch a few wild brook trout.  Many of these fish in the smaller brooks are not even large enough to keep, but they are there and you can catch them.  If you find the right spot, you will catch one that will surprise you and make you wonder just how a fish that size can be in that small of a brook.