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Important Notice

The Maine Legislature has banned the bringing of firewood into Maine.
( Sec. 1. 12 MRSA § 8307)
    Also the practice of transporting firewood for a distance of more than 50 miles from home, even within the state is discouraged.
This is due to the threat of invasive insects that are transported in the firewood.
     Out of respect for the landowner and the north woods, we no longer allow firewood to be brought into camp in order to protect the forest from invasive insects.
     We do have firewood for sale at the office. For more information please click on the link.



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"What's happening in these here parts of Maine"...
March 2018



It has been a long spell since I took up the pen to add to the journal pages.  I suspect that it is something that happens to the best of us at times.

You know, other things seem to be more of a priority and such.  (Fishing on the pond is a great example of such a priority you understand.)

But just to let you know, I am still vertical on the planet and breathing air.

There have been so many things that have gone on since I last posted that I will not even bother to try to get them all in! 

I have been working on opening the road already this year.  I spent a few days with the truck and tractor and made it most of the way in.  Then I had to quit to do a bit of tractor work and plowing down in the populated area.

It just keeps snowing and snowing!  We had a stretch where we did not get much, and we managed to get out ice fishing a few times. 

I do have to tell the story of a friend of Jed's whom we took ice fishing for his first ice fishing trip ever.  He is from West Virginia and I guess that they just do not get all that much ice in that part of the planet.

He was quite impressed about how thick the ice was.  I explained that at times you have to add an extension on the auger to get through, and being as we managed to get through without adding one there really was not all that much.

While the boys were setting up the traps I went out in search of wood to cook lunch over.  It is always interesting to see if you can find some nice dead wood that will burn well in the middle of the winter.  I managed to find a tree and bring it back to where we were fishing and got the fire going to cook hot dogs over.

Jed was trying to figure out why his sled was not running well, and David and I were in the process of cooking lunch.  I noticed a trap with the fishes tail towards the sky so I told David to go out and pull it in.

He went out and Jed and I were watching to see if he had anything on.  David yelled that he thought he was hung up on bottom.  I told Jed to tell him to keep pulling as it was just a big fish.

You could hear him yelling and hollering with excitement when he landed the fish.  It was a nice one 21 or 22 inches long and nice and deep down through probably weighing 4 pounds or so.

Mind you when I told Jed to tell him to keep pulling that I was figuring that a fish had grabbed the bait and gone around a rock or log and that it would just be a matter of him breaking the line off and having to re-rig the trap. 

I assured him that it was just that he had a real good guide that day!

Jed found a plug missing from the bottom of one of his carbs on the sled and was a bit disappointed that it was leaking fuel all over the place and not running well.  I told him if it was me I would whittle a cedar plug and ride it for the day.  I explained to David that up here we do whatever it takes to get things running or working.  Jed spent time whittling so I managed to catch a couple of fish while he was working on the sled. 

The plug didn't leak a drop and the sled ran great for the next few trips!  (Until he found the old one tucked down in the belly pan of the sled.)

It is always fun to take folks out to do things that they have never done before, at least most of the times anyways.  (Every once in a while you do run into someone who doesn't want to do it and will manage to have a miserable time no matter what you do!)

This time it turned out to be a great day on the ice as the fish were cooperating and the hot dogs all got cooked and eaten in style!

Soon it will be time to start opening camps and I am looking forward to that project, at least most of it!  There are a couple of jobs that I would leave to someone else if I had the opportunity, but for the most part I enjoy all of it.  (I even enjoy the ones I would leave to someone else once I have them done and am satisfied with the results!)

Before I know it I will be out on the pond throwing files at the fish and trying to catch a few of them just because.  I like it when I get a good look at them and then they come off the fly!  (It saves me time and I can try to hook up with an even bigger one!)

I hope to see you at the camps this summer to perhaps sit around the campfire and tell tall tails and swear that they are the truth!

Until then, Take Care!