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Maine Nature News

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Maine Nature News


Important Notice

The Maine Legislature has banned the bringing of firewood into Maine.
(Sec. 1. 12 MRSA § 8307)
    Also the practice of transporting firewood for a distance of more than 50 miles from home, even within the state is discouraged.
This is due to the threat of invasive insects that are transported in the firewood.
     Out of respect for the landowner and the north woods, we no longer allow firewood to be brought into camp in order to protect the forest from invasive insects.
     We do have firewood for sale at the office. For more information please click on the link.


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Our Cabins at Frost Pond Camps.....
What to expect during your stay.....
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Four of our cabins are equipped with gas lights, full kitchens including sinks, refrigerators and dishes and pots and pans to cook and eat with.The cabins have beds with mattresses and pads, along with a bottom sheet. You will need to bring your pillows and bedding or sleeping bag. The fifth cabin has all of the above, but has electric lights off an inverter rather than gas lights, indoor plumbing with hot and cold running water, flush toilet and a shower. 
Wood stoves provide heat in all of the cabins during the colder months.

Two of our cabins have been changed to a bunkhouse style cabin. This means that you bring all of your gear, just like you were going camping! You will still be in a cabin with a wood stove for heat, but you bring everything else. It is a great way for some people to enjoy the outdoors, but have just that extra level of comfort. The beds have mattresses and pads, along with a bottom sheet so be sure to bring pillows and bedding or sleeping bags.

Bottled water is available at the office.  Each cabin has its own clean and private outhouse. There are coin-operated hot showers available at the office area.

The housekeeping cabins have hot pads, dish linens, and a complete supply of cooking and eating utensils. A bath towel will be provided at check in if you request one.
Six cabins are spaciously scattered among the trees and lawn of our camp yard, gently sloping to the waters edge. There is one large isolated log cabin overlooking the pond a short distance away. Our cabins accommodate from two to eight people.

Each of the housekeeping cabins comes with a canoe for you to use here on Frost Pond.  We do have additional canoes and kayaks for rent if you need more than one.

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We want your stay at Frost Pond Camps to be an enjoyable one.  Our policy on radios is simple, if you can hear it outside of your cabin, campsite or vehicle, it is too loud.

We want you to be able to listen to the waves on the shore, the wind in the tree tops, the loons, owls, frogs birds and what ever else nature provides for your enjoyment.

Children playing will be heard at times, but we encourage everyone to settle down at the end of the day so that a relaxing evening can be had by all.